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Monday confessional


I'm a little afraid of the dark. 

Just a tad, nothing out of control

Except when I'm all by myself and have to go outside at night on our property which is out in the country. Then I'm A LOT afraid. As in, highly improbable scenarios flash through my brain and torture me. Scenarios involving cougars!

Last night's problem: Russell was away for the weekend and I had to take the garbage down to the end of our driveway for it's 5 am pick up. Our LONG UNLIT driveway. Like 50 or 70 yards long, at least. Actually that's a complete guess and I could be way off. In fact, I'm not sure what 50 yards really looks like but if it gives you a visual at all that's what I'm going for here. It's long. Especially when you're all alone and in the dark.

It was dark because I went out for the evening and didn't think ahead to do it before I left, drat it all. Granted, I went out without much notice because the best friend a girl could ever ask for showed up as a surprise to take my out for my birthday! But still, it was unfortunate that it never crossed my mind.

Solution: make my best friend go with me like back in Junior High when we all traveled in groups to go to the bathroom! Not only did Jana arrange a fun girls night out, inviting my friends, arranging a sitter, and picking me up and dropping me off, she also got to stand around in the dark and escort me and my garbage bin out into the dark night. 

I bet she didn't see that in the evenings plans! 

Thank you dear, dear Jana, for being such an understanding friend. 
And not laughing your head off at my fears.  
Oh wait, you totally laughed at my cougar phobia.  
But you still walked out there with me so I forgive you. 
And love you for my wonderful evening out :)


  1. Ha, ha! And I love you too friend! I am also afraid of the dark so was in no way going to let you do that alone. I am SO glad you had fun last night, I have been giddy with anticipation for a week and it was about to do me in :) Love you!

  2. 50 yards is half a football field... so yes dear sister, your dark unlit scary driveway is at LEAST 50 yards... and there's perilous potholes in that puppy too!!

    I had so much fun last night at your girls night out... Jana is an incredible friend and I'm so glad you were totally surprised.