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Monday confessional


When our family moved to the States and my siblings and I started school we were a bit of an oddity. We talked funny, called things by different names, and were at a loss when it came to US History or standard measurements (an inch, yard, mile, what???). We were instantly popular in a "look at that kid with two heads!" kind of way but I just wanted to be liked and accepted... to fit in.

Because we enrolled part way through the school year I was asked to the front of one of my junior high classes to tell everyone a little about myself. I gave my background and then shared some personal facts... favorite things, what I liked to do for fun, and ended by telling the class proudly that I kept an eraser collection and had brought it with me to the States. 

Except we don't call them erasers in New Zealand. Because back there you don't erase things, you rub them out. With rubbers. 

That's right. I startled every single student in the room and the poor teacher to complete silence with my announcement that I COLLECTED RUBBERS.

Oh yes, I was going to fit right in...


  1. I am sitting here laughing out loud all by myself!

  2. And thus began Jodi's popular status with the boys of CCS.

    Love it, love you!

  3. So glad you can laugh about it now honey : D