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The little ring bearer


This past weekend the Blakester was in a wedding. A beautiful wedding. 

I was really nervous about how he would do, being as that he's only two years old and all, but I'm proud to announce that with the help of an entire bag of gummy bears he did AWESOME!

And now for the proof (and general showing off of cuteness)...

Practicing our "say cheese and you get a candy!" maneuver.
Good friends and beautiful couple Isaac and Noelle.
Sharing a hug with "Auntie" Sarah - bridesmaid, hostess with mostest, and all around gorgeous lady.

Once the picture taking was over it was time for the true test, the ceremony...
Here he comes, whatever you do don't make eye contact - he Must. Keep. Going!
ohhh - he sees Aunt Cara...
and thankfully misses his parents right behind him...
and makes it past us and keeps going! Phew!
Once up the front he stayed in his spot by the groomsmen for the entire ceremony (surreptitiously fed by gummy bears from the best man's tuxedo pocket). And then he walked all the way back down the isle at the end. It was a miracle people. A MIRACLE! I celebrated his success by eating two plates of dessert. It's what proud Moms do.

Ok so it's what I do, and would have done anyway, but this night it was done in the name of a successful ring-bearing event!
Now, to figure out how to keep him two forever :)


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. Maybe we can set up an arranged marriage. I have two beautiful girls! He is a doll.

  2. Gorgeous photos...especially love the shot at the end. And eating two plates of dessert in his honor... I'm going to go ahead and say that right extends out to proud Aunties too, it will make me feel better about my peanut butter ball consumption for the evening!

    Love it, love you!

  3. Haha Shiree, we'll keep it in mind ;)And Kelly yes OF COURSE that right extends to you... my fellow peanut butter ball consumer!

  4. what a looker (and charmer!)

  5. I love that last photo. can you email it to me?

  6. He melts my heart, he did such an excellent job! I to consumed a plate of dessert in his honor :)

  7. LOL, So cute, I could feel the pressure on you!!!!

  8. Had to save that last pic myself. ( Loved Jana's comment ) I confess I was also proud and very happy to accompany one and all in a round ..or two..of indulgant dessert consumption

  9. Blake, who already stole my heart the minute he was born into this world, has once again secured a gigantic place in my "auntie" heart after his amazing job at Noelle and Isaac's wedding. I can say that I don't know if I have ever seen another ring bearer do such a fine job, and look so handsome all at the same time. And for the record, he can dance the night away too! :) Thanks for sharing the pictures Jodi. Love your entire family!

  10. Loved the photos ! :) He really did steal the show. he was perfect ! ;) Isaac and I are convinced he needs to be a model :) thank you so much for letting him be in the wedding! I LOVE the last photo of him, i might need that one for my album! :)

  11. Thanks Noelle, especially for asking Blake which was a special honor for us. And such a proud moment too! I can definitely get you that pic :)