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How to shop till you drop


Yesterday was a little crazy. Well, I should say I was a little crazy. Or a lot.

It started out innocently enough... grocery shopping and errands with my three children with a departure time planned for 9:30 am. That didn't actually happen until 11:30 am. Which meant I couldn't complete my shopping (although I did make it to six stops) before coming back home to lay my youngest down for a nap. Which was a necessity because he had to be in a wedding rehearsal that evening. Which meant I couldn't complete my shopping until after that was over. Which I wanted to do because I have IMPORTANT SCRAPBOOKING PLANS TOMORROW.

This all led to me asking my Mum and Aunt (visiting from New Zealand) at 10:00 pm last night if they would like to "go on a little adventure"... a trip to the 24 hour Walmart super-center. My mother is always game for a trip to Walmart (I found out once we were there that she'd already been there just 2 days previously) and my Aunt Wenda decided that since she's on vacation she might as well live it up a little. 

And that is how it came about that I arrived back home at 2:15 am last night. Followed part of the way by a cop who I'm sure pulled out behind me betting that he was going to bag a drunk driver. No Officer, not drunk, just shopping.

Walmart sucks you in I tell you. Don't ask me what kept us there for almost 3 hours, it's a black hole of time in that place. Although I can allot a good 5-7 minutes spent loitering in the health and beauty section waiting for a man to move on so that I could pick up some feminine products because, have I mentioned that I embarrass easily? 

Photographic evidence of the day's shopping escapades: 
We love you Costco and your sample tables that keep young children occupied!
blurry photo courtesy of the innocent door greeter that we waylaid on the way out.
Aunt Wenda and Mum after we'd passed the tired stage and were on to giddy.
well maybe Aunt Wenda never made it past the tired stage.
And that is how you shop till you drop folks. Literally.


  1. so much fun to read yours and cara's blog sites
    Love your day shopping story and the pics of your NZ family and my cutie-pattutie grandkids

  2. Good thing you left late in the morning or you would not have had such a good story to tell! Keep up the good blogging.

  3. You are crazy!

    You never take mum to Walmart after 8pm and expect to leave before the morning. it's the same rule we apply to not letting Russ drink pop after 3pm.

    Love it, love you!

  4. Ha, ha! The point is you got it all done right?(eventhough it took 15 hours ;)

  5. I saw someone taking some self portraits in their SUV in the fred meyer parking lot ;) love ya jodi!!

  6. Ha ha Shannon now I have to explain! Ok I was super self-conscience because it looked like I was taking a picture of my "chest area" but I was using the visor mirror to take a close up pic of my necklace for my WIWW post :)

  7. lol I knew it prob had something to do with your blog ;)