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The day that just keeps going


I'm taking a break from pricing garage sale items and thought if I'm going to blog tonight it better be now before my brain gets any more zapped because it's going to be a late one folks! 

You'd think that with me being a stay at home mom and having plenty of time to prepare I would be all set up by now. Well you'd think wrong. For the following reasons...

#1: I'm a procrastinator. Like Big Time. So when my sister calls to tell me she made an awesome dessert that contains coconut milk and mangoes (both faves) and she has an extra plate of it just for me, I decide that takes definite priority over setting up for my sale and drop everything to head over there. And I'll tell you something. IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT. SWEET NECTAR OF LIFE! 
Kelly's Thai mango sticky rice. Please pretend I could also make something this fancy if I tried.

#2: I have children. Three of them. Children who do things like set up two 10 ft. wide tents in your living room to play "jungle orphans" while you're busy outside. And then load every single blanket available in the house into them. Oh no, that's not in my way AT ALL.

#3: Visitors! I love visitors! Today my parents and Granddad from NZ stopped by to give Russ an early birthday present because they'll be out of town on his birthday and they're thoughtful like that. Unlike me who still hasn't bought a gift for my brother-in-law who's birthday was 21 days (and counting) ago. I'm a procrastinator with guilt!
Dad, Mum, Russ with his new hunting shirt and Granddad
Can we please take a moment to acknowledge how cute my husband is? I just love his smile. And his face. Oh, Mum, Dad and Granddad you all look wonderful too of course :)

#4: I'm a little addicted to the "what I wore wednesday" posts over at The Pleated Poppy and checked out ALL FORTY EIGHT of them throughout the day today. This may tie into reason #1 somehow.

And there you have the reason why it is now midnight and I am still working away. Because the truth is that when I said at the beginning of this post that I was taking a break from pricing, what I really meant was I was putting off starting pricing. 

I need help!!


  1. Oh Jodi...procrastinators UNITE!! I think it is the one common vein that runs through me, you & Jay too. Your blog made me laugh, and thank you for enjoying my dessert so much (and publicly too). As a words person, my love tank is nice and full now!

    This is why Dave and my relationship works so well (and also why we're not real skinny right now.) He is an acts of service and loves that I cook for him, while I just adore how he goes on and on about how much he's enjoying said food and that makes me want to cook for him every single day of his life!!!!

    Praise me and I'll bake you a cake I guess! Or in your case, mango sticky rice! That's how I roll!

  2. Don't ever change Kel, we'll keep each other happy forever :)

  3. that mango sticky rice looks goood!