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And the award goes to... Kelly!


Yesterday, while I grocery and back-to-school shopped with my two oldest children, I left Blake with my sister and his cousin Hayden. For SEVEN hours. Let me remind you that the boys are the same age: two. This is the email I received from Kelly last night, with photographic evidence attached...

Highlights of the boys and all their evil glory today:
11:20am.  Blake arrives at our house to a very excited Hayden.
11:22am.  Hayden has already hit Blake over the head with a wooden gun and must say sorry.

11:45am.  Boys go outside to play in the backyard. Boys get SPECIFIC instructions to not touch any plants or flowers.
11:50am.  Boys touch plants and pick off several grape tomatoes before I catch them. I discipline them both and they lose the freedom to be outside.

Fight during lunch
Fight over toys
Hayden cries... a lot!
Blake tattles... a lot!
Hayden touches computer - Blake tells me - Hayden gets a discipline - Blake gets smug.

1:00pm.  Boys go down for naps - ahhhhhhh, blessed silence.

4:00pm.  Boys up from naps. Me feeding baby. Boys get second chance at outside. Once again we explain VERY SPECIFICALLY they are not to touch ANY plants with threats of consequences.
4:05pm. Boys pick almost every single tomato and both jalapenos off the plants and throw them all in the yard.
I cry.
I yell.
I discipline!

5:00pm.  Boys playing happily in Hayden's room.  I go to cook dinner.
5:05pm.  Boys are found in the bathroom where they have got into cabinets and decorated their heads, hands, feet and my bathroom rug with lotion, vaseline and stool softeners (a nice pop of color). Hopefully none were ingested.

5:06pm.  Both boys in bath tub.

And this is the point where Kelly called to ask if I was on my way home yet FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY!

Oh dear.
Blake, even in trouble, is always up for a goofy "cheese" for the camera. Hayden, a little wiser, knows what's coming!

And so even though I had a looooonngg day out with Kendall and Cooper, and my patience was sorely tried by Cooper's pea-sized bladder that required FIVE potty stops throughout the afternoon, I think Kelly definitely gets the Mommy Endurance award of the day.

In other news, our little family birthday party for Russ went just swell last night. Dinner was late, but delicious. As were the homemade raspberry/mango/banana smoothies. And the gifts were A HIT.

But do you see Blake's spiked hair? Yeah it's been washed 6 times now and still feels as if he has an entire bottle of hair gel in it. Gotta love vaseline. Or hate it.

p.s. I am happy to report there have been no stool softener side-effects yet so hopefully we bypassed that catastrophe.


  1. OH. MY. GOODNESS! Poor, poor Kelly! What a day, you definately deserve more than an award. Perhaps something sweet or new shoes or a new bathroom rug :) Oh the joys of a two year old!

  2. I got tired just reading it! Remind me never to watch two two year olds at the same time. All mothers near and far bow to Kelly's remarkable patience!!Go, Kel(:

  3. smiles and chuckles and groans.

  4. Ooooh, I like Jana's suggestions. I had no idea rewards were an option, but now that's it out there... yes please!

  5. I just read this to Drew, Derek, and Maddi. After we got done laughing at the story and pictures, they suggested you use the garden hose to wash off the kids next time they decorate themselves.