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What I Wore Wednesday - week 2


I've learned some valuable information already through this new hobby of taking pictures of my outfits daily (or not quite daily as it turns out). Let me share (and to learn why I'm doing this read here)...

1. The life of a stay at home mom during the summertime does not lead to many opportunities to dress up cute without feeling seriously overdressed.
2. A skinny beveled edge mirror is not the best option for self portraits, especially when screwed to the wall opposite a large window.
3. Holding a camera straight with one hand is apparently quite difficult.
4. Smiling at your reflection in a mirror for a picture feels very silly.
5. A bunch of unsmiling pictures of yourself looks very silly.

Thursday: grocery shopping
top: Ross (love the back)
 capris: Plato's Closet (consignment store)
 sandals: rummage sale
bracelets and hoop earrings: Walmart

  Friday: friends for dinner
 blue tank: Old Navy
white cami: Diviine ModesTee online
 skirt: Seaside, OR outlet mall (don't remember which store as I removed the tag because it was itchy)
sandals: rummage sale
necklace: Target

Saturday: yard work day
cami: Shade Clothing online
shorts: Nike - Fred Meyers sale
sandals: Adidas from Costco
hat: Adidas - gift

Saturday night: friends house for child's birthday party
tank: Old Navy
cami: Diviine ModesTee online
skirt: Target
flip flops: Fred Meyers

 Sunday: church
top: Forever 21
Skirt: Goodwill
belt: Goodwill
wedges: Walmart
bracelet: gift from Mexico

 Monday: prayer group, Mother-in-law's for lunch
pink tank: Aeropostale 
black tank: Shade Clothing online
capris: Calvin Klein from Costco
sandals: Old Navy

Tuesday: at home all day
picture: not taken on purpose.
Trust me, a picture of me in my 5 yr old sweat capris with a tank top and ponytail would benefit NO ONE.

Wednesday: free children's movie at cinemas and lunch at park
tank: Shade Clothing online (yes I have a couple dozen of these in various styles and colors. No I didn't quite realize how matronly this one looks unlayered) 
skirt: Goodwill
sandals: Payless
You may notice I've taken the skirt route a lot so far. It's the summer of the skirt! Well so says my friend Therese and I at least. They're comfy and breezy and cute. And my shorts don't fit this summer. 

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  1. I LOVE outfit #1, such a cute top! Well, frankly I love all your outfits! And Friday's picture....Kendall looks just like you in this photo!!

  2. I also love outfit #1 but I have to say that my favorite is #7 - Wednesday's. And you're looking darn skinny too ~ You're pretty hot sis!!

    Love it, love you!

  3. Jod..I love your cute sandals are so co-ordinated ..loved # 1 you're right..very cute shirt. Sunday..awesome, Saturday,- work day..a personal can any one look so cute in work clothes !! ..obviously not me. that too..sandals match perfectly ..hmm maybe I need more shoes???.

  4. Love the yellow top and both printed skirts! And I'm the opposite of you: I think my (very rare!) smiling pics look silly and goofy!

  5. You look very cute in all these outfits. I also went the skirt/sundress route this summer, so much cooler. I also run into the overdressed problem, but, I think you did a great job of looking cute and casual!

  6. That's a great yellow shirt.

  7. Love the black and yellow combo!!!!!!!

  8. Cute outfits!


  9. You should definitely give sewing a try! There are TONS and TONS of tutorials out there that can give you a head start. If you want, I can link you to some :) It isn't as hard as it seems. Really. If you have a sewing machine near by or a friend who know show to sew, give it a chance! You'll create wonders.


  10. What brand are the jeans you wore for Thursday? They are so cute!

  11. they are "Twenty One" premium, don't know where they're originally from... Forever 21?

    Justine maybe I will give it a try one of these days! :)

  12. You rock the accessories, Jodi! I can NEVER figure out how to wear jewelry, much less belts. And I love that yellow top!

  13. I LOVE that top from Ross on Thursday! I too have gone the skirt route quite often this summer. Oh, and I love that bracelet from Mexico too.

  14. I always think you look cute but I never realized just HOW MANY cute outfits you have until I started reading your blog (probably cuz I only see you at church once a week). You are so stylish!

  15. I loved the yellow shirt and capri's. I think you are very stylish. It's fun to see what you put together each day.

  16. Look at you Mrs Clothes Horse! You look good in everything you put on!