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A Visit


Today I swung by my sister's place for a "quick visit" that lasted a couple of hours. I'm afraid to say that I picked up a tasty coffee on the way through town and then may or may not have talked my sister's ear off the entire time I was there. So much to discuss since seeing each other only two days previously.

This is Kelly, older than me by 18 months. Also known as Kell-bell, Kelly Marie, and sometimes Kellsadore, which she loves. But look Kelly: when it's typed out you can clearly see that it ends with "adore" so really it's an affectionate nickname! Anyway isn't she the cutest? Some important things to note:
  • Kelly is a "gourmet". Meaning for a surprise lunch visit she made caprese salads with fresh picked basil from her herb garden. I am the complete opposite of gourmet. Meaning if you come to my house for lunch, surprise or not, you will be offered a tasty ham and cheese sandwich or possibly peanut butter and honey. Also while I dream of lovely herb gardens I would have no idea what to do with said herbs. It's sad.
  • Kelly has cute hair and she knows how to style it. You work that style Kel! I know how to do my hair in approximately two different styles and alternate between them both and no style whatsoever equally. Also sad.
Kelly made these after lunch: fresh fruit smoothies with frozen berries, banana, and yogurt. It's disgusting really what a show off she can be. However as they were totally awesome tasting I shall forgive her.

The fun thing about going to visit Kellsadore is that her oldest child is only two months older than my youngest and they are both boys. We sorta conspired on the first part but got lucky on the second.
Meet Hayden and Blake! They are two and a half years old and love each other dearly, but in Kelly's own words: "they self-destruct together". But, they're two and they'll grow out of that. We pray. Notice the cheesy grins. As scrapbookers we train our children young to always be camera ready :) Note: this picture was taken before epic battle 1, 2 & 3 had taken place and I finally decided to remove my child from poor Hayden's presence. 

But not before I got a few last cuddles in with this guy...
This is Elijah and he is 8 weeks old and ADORABLE. One of the best things about Kelly and I having babies together was that we got to be pregnant together too. However, one of the best things about Kelly having a second baby was that I was NOT pregnant with her and therefore was not an unsympathetic hormonal wreck this time around. And now I get to enjoy a newborn nephew without being distracted by one of my own. It's delightful!

So besides a fun visit, another summer day went by in which I wiled away a good chunk of time without having to do any housework whatsoever and that, friends, is what I call a success!


    1. As your #1 biggest fan and most faithful follower, of course I was DELIGHTED when I saw that my favorite blogger had posted a new "nugget" for my day. But nothing could have prepared me for today's writings.

      ...As your sister, I am tickled pink and full of love tonight. I love that we are so close. I love that we can have totally spontaneous gatherings. I love that our kids are growing up together, and I love that we enjoy each others company so thoroughly.
      ...As a sanguine, I am eating up the fact that I am the subject of today's blog.
      ...As a reading enthusiast, I "laughed" multiple times OUT LOUD at various comments, and then interrupted Dave in the middle of his studying and made him read it all. Then I contemplated posting a link to my facebook account and emailing everyone I know to make them read it too... but I didn't.
      ...As a words person I am in hog heaven. So many wonderful things said about "moi", I may have to print this out and keep it in my nightstand and read it whenever I need a good "pick me up" or just because.
      ...As a scrapbooker, I am delighted with the beautiful pictures you took today of me and mine.
      ...As a person who loves to cook, I'm so glad you enjoyed my meager offerings. You didn't mention I made the kids eat mac'n'cheese...oh yes, that speaks gourmet all the way doesn't it.
      ...As your #1 fan and most faithful follower, I am now even more hooked!

      Best blog EVER!
      Love it, love you!

    2. Jodi, you are an amazing writer! Cara passed on your blog link to me, hope you don't mind. I really enjoyed reading your post today and I must say that the picture you took of Elijah is stunning!

    3. what sweet, adorable boys! sounds like a lot of fun too - it must be lovely to have a sister!

    4. "It's disgusting really what a showoff she can be." - That was hilarious. What yummy treats!
      Don't think I've ever seen your boys side by side like that and wow do they look alike!
      Welcome to blogland! :D

    5. If it makes you feel any better, Jody, I know ONE way to style my hair and it takes approximately forever and an hour so it happens about that often too. I keep telling myself that when I have the house unpacked enough that I can actually vacuum, I'll start doing more than a quick braid out of the shower.

    6. What a great blog! I really enjoyed reading how you spent your day.