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Summer workin'


Yesterday was declared a family work day at our place.

I love family work days because Russ gets in serious "get 'er done" mode and breezes through our to-do lists, putting the kids to work outside with him, while I get to pretend to work hard but really work in 10 minute spurts and then play on the computer in between. And take breaks to get everyone drinks. And lunch. And maybe nap with Blake when I'm worn out from all my workin'.

Kendall and Cooper were put to work hauling rocks with the trailer hooked up to our riding mower and Kendall was taught how to drive it herself for the first time. She may have also taken her brothers for a spin or two around the house.

 Blake was put to work learning how to go potty in his potty chair and look good in his new training pants while doing so. 

I put myself to work mentally rearranging some barrels Russell had just "decorated" our yard with and once decided on an improvement made him move them to my satisfaction. Boy, that was hard! Time for a computer break!

After coaxing Russ into a picture and admiring his muscles I let him know that I will be removing that longhorn head he mistakenly thinks is going to live there.

Then, in a glorious turn of events, Russell, who thinks cloudy and 65 degrees is the perfect day, got hot and sent me off to buy a new swimming pool because our lovely Easy Set pool had popped a leak for the billionth time and would be patched no more. And it was 90 degrees outside and not even noon. 

I was feeling awfully perky after a solo trip to town and offered to mow for a while once Blake was napping. Part of my motivation was the fact that our mower was fresh out of the mechanic shop after being out of commission for the past 3 weeks and our grass in the meantime was beginning to resemble a hay field. Five minutes into my job, however, I remembered why I don't mow our yard, which could also be termed "acreage", because 2 1/2 hours later I was HALF WAY DONE. And did I mention it was 95 degrees now? I called it quits.

Luckily for me I married Mr. Awesome, who is always happy when I am outside with him whether I'm working or not, and he was so pleased with what we got accomplished (and my part in it) that he spent the rest of the evening spontaneously stopping what he was doing to tell me how much he loved me and sighing contentedly. 

If I play my cards right I might just get out of laundry for a week!


  1. I love all the pics jod.. great blog.

  2. Oh the benefits of living with a sanguine physical touch husband... he loves that you're talking about him AND is totally happy that you're outside where he is, whether you're working or not.

    In a related topic... being married to my melancholy husband has its benefits too. He doesn't want me to help because he doesn't trust me to do it to his perfection. So I sit back and watch and he loves looking at his own handiwork without having to give any credit anyway.

    Either way we have fantastic husbands who do wonderful jobs and we are blessed to have them.

    You did a great job writing this tale of your day, I thoroughly enjoyed it all. And good call on the longhead head... no... definitely not going there. Love the barrels though!!

    Love it, love you!