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My Girl


Miss "I did my hair all by myself and am so proud!"
This girl turns nine in one week. Today I looked at her and asked how on earth she could possibly be turning nine when I just had her two blinks ago. 

How does life zip by so fast? 

She informed me that now she is almost nine she isn't into girly stuff like she used to be, she is into the ARTS. I found this humorous as this was the outfit she wore to make brownies last week.

Yes those are ballet slippers. She dresses up in this ensemble approximately 7 days out of the week to play some version or another of "maiden princess". 

It's just so sad to think that she's right, my little girl is no longer girly AT ALL anymore.

Side note: I'd like to give myself props that I did not try to "fix" her part in the back before letting her out of the house that day when she had so proudly done her hair in pigtail braids. In fact, I didn't even mention it. I've come a long way people! 


  1. Tell Kendall very nice braids..very difficult to do on one's own hair. ( Mummy ) well done at not attempting the improvement..even more difficult. Love the pics. Didn't know maiden princesses were a part of the ARTs..some one should enlighten me on these things!!!

  2. I can't believe she's going to be 9 either! And major props to you for not fixing her hair... but the real question is... were you actually going anywhere that day or was it a "stay-in"...that's the true test.

    Love it, love you!

    P.S. Her brownie ensemble made me giggle. Nope, not girly AT ALL!

  3. Yes we really did go out (I forget where) but it literally took all that I had to keep my mouth shut and leave it alone! Isn't that sad?