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A budget breakdown


Yesterday was a looooonnng day. It was payday, which means grocery shopping day - something I always look forward to, but it was also an impulsive day off for my husband - which means YAHOO the kids can stay home with him while I shop, but, uh oh, he's going to want to help with the budget and TAKE AWAY ALL MY EXTRA SHOPPING MONEY... NOOOOO!

And so began the two hour budget battle of 2010. Things got feisty. Someone may have got a little bossy and demanding with his their opinions, and someone else may have made multiple threats of dire circumstances if she they were not spoken to more politely. Children scattered and cried. No not really. Children interrupted incessantly was more like it, driving their parents bananas.

But as always happens as soon as we hit 'save' on our excel spreadsheet and step away from the computer, Russell sincerely apologizes for being all sorts of evil while in the middle of 'negotiations' and I say "oh I love you honey!" and give him kisses before leaving to spend all his money. And all is well. Until I text him 2 hours later telling him that I need more money and then he refuses to answer my call.

Not that THAT happened, just speaking hypothetically here.

You all should feel very, very sorry for my poor husband. In the Dave Ramsey world of married couples where one is usually the nerd and the other the free spirit - the two balancing each other out, we are unfortunately Mr. free spirit trying hard to be the nerd and Mrs. couldn't be any free'er spirited if she tried and no help whatsoever. So here he is trying to pay for our master-suite addition, school tuition, and a recent unexpected several thousand dollar medical bill by working hard and doing all sorts of extra things in a very entrepreneurial manner to make money, while I applaud his efforts but then constantly re-designate the funds to things like vacation, and birthday gifts, and "mama needs a haircut reaaaalllll baaaadddd". Oh and too many groceries

I'll tell you what, I felt so guilt-ridden the rest of my shopping trip that I actually didn't enjoy it. That never happens. So, tomorrow I shall... do all the laundry! Make a wonderful meal for dinner! Hide the extra things I bought that weren't necessary clean the house! 

And send my husband a love letter via email. 

Mr. blue eyed hottie and his mini-me at sunset.


  1. Haha...I can relate. Except that I am ALL nerd. Except when it comes to buying pretty dresses for Fortunately we're on the same page most of the time when it comes to our "monthly cash flow plan". And when one of us wants to stray from the Dave Ramsey plan, the other pulls the stray one back into the fold :).

  2. Oh Jodi, that made me giggle. So much like our home too! Love your new found "hobby", give Russ a big hug and thank you for inviting me to check it glad he did! Have a great weekend!

  3. Tim said,

    Jodi, I read your budget blog and laughed (maybe cried a little also) several times. Your blog is funny and informative and you are a very good writer. I think you and my wife are my favorite two bloggers! Keep up the good work I'm a big fan!!!!!!

  4. Why thank you Tim!! And I know your wife and I are the ONLY two bloggers you know but I'll still accept that great compliment :)

  5. This is going among my favorites of your posts so far. I laughed several times... and have now re-read it three times in fact!

    Love the photo of Russ & Blake too. What a great shot of them both.

    Love it, love you!

  6. I must also add, that this was a very long weekend at Kids' Camp because I kept wondering what I was missing out on your blog since I had no internet and couldn't get cell service. It was actually driving me to distraction at one point and I almost had to repent... no blogs before God! Whew, passed that test (by the skin of my teeth).

  7. Hey! This story sounds exactly like what happens in our house. Nathan and I are both free spirits, too. Makes for some interesting budgeting.

    I thought I would let you know, there is a food bank in Colton at the Community Center. It is open every Monday from 2-5pm. They ask for a donation of $5 every week you can come and I usually get over $100 in groceries. It's super easy to join. If you want more details let me know.

  8. Thanks Shiree for the comment and the info. Just found your blog! fun!!

  9. So funny to read, but so frustrating when your are arguing over it. So true! You made me laugh.