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Birthday BBQ


This past weekend my family celebrated my Dad's birthday by letting him grill for us. Yeah that's how we roll. 

My father is simply the best bbq'er around, and since steak is his favorite food and no one cooks it better than him, why not let him enjoy it on his special day? And partake as well in the name of celebration?

We also surprised him by completely sabotaging him via text message. You see my parents bought a new swimming pool near the end of last summer but were delayed in setting it up this year by a wedding being held on their property (a beautiful, amazing property I might add). By the time the wedding came and went my Dad decided summer was halfway over and thought why bother now? He was also not looking forward to the exorbitant water bill he would receive after filling said pool.

My mother was not pleased with this but was willing to give way to his wishes, until this past weekend that is, when our local temperatures sky-rocketed. And that's when she embarked in some dirty tactics:  "the daughter's plea". Mum sent out a text message Saturday morning asking both my sister and I to beg Dad to reconsider, using our children as amunition. Kelly and I both enjoy nothing more than a lazy afternoon float at the folks, so were more than willing to comply and began our assault immediately. 

My text: Dad our pool is shot and Russ is chucking it! So Sad. And hot. Where are the grandchildren to go now? I vote your place! Better get your pool up ;)

Kelly's text: Oh it is hot. If only there was a pool at my parents for us to come swim at. Hint hint. It's not summer without your pool!

Dad's reply a couple of hours later: don't tell the grandkids but bring their swimsuits tomorrow :)

Success! Don't you just love how he didn't even acknowledge our requests/demands and acted like it was all a planned surprise thought up by him? That's why he's so awesome, he knows how to give in AND save face!

We had a great time the following evening celebrating Dad with all of our family, enjoying delicious food, and SWIMMING OUR HEARTS OUT. Thanks Dad, you sure are the absolute best guy/father/Papa around! And you are one mean grill master!

Dad the great sport & dessert

The entire family (minus me the photographer), with a few extra cousins thrown in :)


  1. What a great family photo, perfect for your POD! I agree with you too, your dad is prety awesome!

  2. I can not believe you got everyone to smile, including toddlers...even Elijah is looking at the camera. I say we photoshop your lovely face in... right by Russ and then it would be perfect!

    I think you need to email this picture to me...ASAP!

    Love it, love you!