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Today my youngest was sick so I took one for the team and stayed home from church with him. And started a blog.

It was bound to happen really.

My sister-in-law started blogging recently and when she told me, I was filled with excited envy. I have been thinking about blogging for almost a year now... ever since I was about to turn 30 (a big event in my not-so-eventful life) and thought it would be a fun thing to start as a present to myself. But as one of my main strengths in life is procrastination it's taken 10 months to actually happen and don't think I'm still not all jittery inside with nerves!

The ONE thing I knew was that when I did start I would call my blog Jod à la Mode, the nickname my very best friend and former high school enemy used to call me. Anybody that knows me at all will tell you that I will NEVER pass up on dessert :)


  1. I am so excited about your new adventure, and am confident in saying that I am your #1 fan now and most faithful follower! Love it, love you!

  2. WELL! That is the best first comment a girl could ever ask for! You know you always were my favorite sister :)

  3. OH How totally cool! I took me about five day to not have blog writer's brain but now that its settled down a bit I find myself smiling and rereading my own writing. (lame huh) SO now I get to read yours also! FUN! I'm impressed with all your fun things yours is definitely going to be cooler than mine! Write more! Write more who says you should just do one entry a day!

  4. welcome to the blogging world - it's fantastic!!!

  5. Dear Jodi,

    Dear Jodi,
    You and Cara seem born for this, twin blog debutes. You each have your own flavor already just like in real life, both favorite flavors to me. I love you both and my dear d.i.l. Trisha. He gave us life and life to enjoy and share to the full. I enjoy you. Sorry about the 'Poo' day.

    Love, Mom-T

  6. Jodi, I finally was able to get your Blog up. But it may have been a big mistake. I tell everyone that I don't read blogs (not enough time) but now that I've read yours I'm afraid I may be hooked. Keep it up, I love it.
    You may even tell your followers about GERTRUDE some day. :) Love you