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Awkward & Awesome Thursday


- when your two boys, left home alone for a couple hours, tell you that they occupied their time by watching Rocky IV on Netflix, turning up the volume as loud as they could during Eye of the Tiger while jumping around the room, and then in a fit of pumped up macho-ness, both drank a raw egg from a glass.
Me: WHAT?! oh my gosh, gross!" 
Cooper: "and then Blake said, "hit me with another one!"


- when you take your new junior higher down to his school the day before it begins to practice opening his locker... and after multiple failed attempts on his part, realize you can't figure it out either. So you have to call for backup: the new 9th grade big sister - who of course opens it on her first attempt and then shakes her head at you. Listen. It's been 18 years, ok? MOM'S A LITTLE RUSTY.

- when your new 2nd grader only makes it to the second day of school before being discovered by teacher as: "definitely the chattiest one of them all". (I wish I could say this came as a surprise to me.)

- when your dog wakes you up at 1:47 am by growling and barking out the french doors in your bedroom, and your husband's out of town, so you spend the next 15 minutes on high alert with your heart pounding out of your chest before finally taking a Tylenol PM even though you have to be up in 4 hours. YAWWNN. (But hey, everyone's still alive in the morning so... win.)

- when you come home to find this on your dining room table...

(But still kinda impressive, right? I thought it was Iron Man but Coop informed me it's a mannequin head for making fabric masks on. Ohhhhh.)

- when your husband comes home after being away for 5 days and your whole body instantly relaxes and you know you're finally going to sleep well that night.

- school night bedtimes for the kids and the quiet house that follows... ahhhhh.

- Fall produce fresh from your front yard.

- getting paid to help someone pack for a trip when you just offered to do it for fun! Why planning trip outfits and packing suitcases is enjoyable to me, I could not answer you, but it is, and yesterday I felt like a superwoman when I helped a sweet lady headed to France for three weeks pick out mixable outfits and accessories and fit them all easily into a carry-on suitcase, with room to spare. That's right, I'm pretty much a packing ninja!

- new sports adventures! Coop decided to try cross country this year and low-and-behold, he's pretty darn good at it!
ALSO OF IMPORT: cross country races last 20 MINUTES. That's it. I think I have a new favorite sporting event to watch ;)

What I Wore


No. 1
Costco sweater, Maurice's skirt, Famous Footwear shoes, Christmas gift scarf

No. 2 
Ross top & purse, Kenneth Cole pants, Famous Footwear wedges

No. 3 
Target top, Kohl's shorts, thrifted Toms shoes, The Sak purse

No. 4 
Maurice's top, American Eagle jeans & sandals

Happy Wednesday, friends! Thanks for coming on by :)

pleated poppy

Monday Confessional - More Small Confessions


- School starts tomorrow and tonight I let Kendall stay up until almost 10:30pm watching Pride & Prejudice with me while I painted her nails because we've been listening to the audiobook together when driving around running errands and she actually likes it! And wanted to watch the movie! So I was all... watch it again for the 37th time? On the first night of the new school year? HECK YESSSS.

- Speaking of school starting tomorrow... we just finished school clothes shopping TODAY. Always on top of things, this mama.

- My boys drove me crazy today. So crazy, in fact, that I teared up with frustration while driving them home after new school haircuts (something very out of the norm for me), and had to clench my teeth to force myself not to say mean things that I would regret. Instead I made our busy day take a break, took Blake and myself to bed for a nap, and Cooper got to read on his bed (and not move or make any noises). Life was better after that. They were still obnoxious, but I didn't feel like driving myself off a cliff anymore.

- I turned 36 yesterday. 36 is no longer close to thirty. I'm on the shady side now... possibly in my "late thirties". I don't like that, to be honest. But I liked my birthday! Russ is away on a hunting trip so my parents took me out to lunch, and my girlfriends took me out to dinner and I was completely spoiled rotten by friends and family alike.
{Jana, Kelly, Valerie, myself, Kristie, & Christine}
And when Russ gets home (tomorrow!!!) he's taking me out on a birthday shopping date, so the fun continues, which I'm soooooo cool with ;)

- Possibly not so cool though: after telling my girlfriends about a fun trivia game we played in Sunriver, they stopped to buy it for me on our way home. And we may or may not have then opened it in the car and played it while driving. A trivia game. ON GIRLS NIGHT OUT. This is 36, folks. 

Sunriver 2015


Sunriver is a holy, serious place.

Just kidding. Sunriver is awwwwwsome! We came back earlier this week from 5 lovely days in the resort town in Central Oregon with our friends, the Haddens, and I'm just now getting round to blogging about it (and not pouting that I'm no longer there ;)

Over the past 5 years we've stayed in 5 different vacation homes and this year's house was our favorite yet. I think we've finally found the winner! 
{kids get the hot tub during the day, parents get it at night!} 
{fun ski lift swing on the back porch. Cooper, Dylan, Blake, Emily, and Kendall}

Favorite Sunriver activities: 
bike rides
trips to Goodies ice cream parlor
swimming at SHARC
visiting the Village
movies, games, & puzzles
late night talks
hot tubbing

It's safe to say we checked off every item multiple times.  

{Bahaha... creeper alert!} 
{The Hadden Family & the neon squad!}

{Blake's face!!!} 
{Russell's graceful waterslide exit} 
{Blake laughing at Daddy's landing}
{Jana and I rejoicing in our new status of "moms of safe swimmers".... ahhh the freedom!}

So. Another year in the bag. Time away with good friends is just the best and I'm so thankful we're able to go every summer. (I'm also thankful for pot roast sliders from The Village Bar & Grill because I go back for them every year. Mmmm.)

What I Wore... On Vacation


We just came back from 5 days in Sunriver, Oregon and here's what I wore... when I wasn't in a swimsuit... which turned out to be only 3 days of the 5. Ah well.

No. 1
Old Navy dress, Maurice's shirt, Target sandals

No. 2 
Costco sweater, American Eagle jeans, Ross purse & sandals

No. 3 
Bass tank top, Kohl's skirt, Ross purse, Target sandals

And as for the rest of the time... 
Ross hat, Maurice's sunnies

Is it good to be back? 
Of course not... what a silly question ;)
Happy Wednesday!

pleated poppy